Dr. Carolyn J. ... Jun 9, 2017

Town Halls Allow Citizen Voices To Be Heard

Town Hall meetings are part of our American democracy. Whether it is an annual event, such as the New England town hall meetings, which originated in the 1620s to work through local issues, or a congressional recess event where Members of Congress and Senators meet with... Read more ...

Dr. Carolyn J. ... Jun 9, 2017

46 New Members of Congress Respond to the Public’s Call for Civility

Forty six new members of the 115th United States Congress (28 republicans and 18 democrats) have signed a Commitment to Civility. Tuesday at 5:00pm they were on the House floor reading statements in support of this commitment.

Their statement... Read more ...

Dr. Carolyn J. ... Jun 9, 2017

Following the Golden Rule on the Internet

Today is International Safer Internet Day. Kudos to Microsoft for issuing a challenge calling on all of us to embrace “digital civility”. Here at the National Institute for Civil Discourse(NICD) we accept the challenge, and we hope that you will as well. It will take all of... Read more ...

Dr. Carolyn J. ... Jun 9, 2017


“Freedom is the freedom to say 2+2=4.” — George Orwell

The renewed interest in George Orwell’s seminal work, 1984, highlights the challenging times we now find ourselves in as a nation. This single quote from 1984 offers important insight into... Read more ...

Dr. Carolyn J. ... Jun 9, 2017

Calling on All Americans to Commit to Bring Back Civility and Respect

This week Weber Shandwick, in conjunction with Powell Tate and KRC Research, released their annual survey on Civility in America. Their findings were, to say the least, disheartening: 79% of Americans believe the 2016 US Presidential Election was uncivil; 69% believe the US... Read more ...