Dialogues on Child and Adolescent Mental Health



Single, 2-hour event

Number of Participants: 


With what other organizations in your community did you partner when convening this conversation, if any?: 

PerformCare, Catholic Charities, Hamilton Health Center, Pressley Ridge, UCP Central PA,, Mental Health Association of the Capital Region, PA Psychiatric Institute, Please Live, Dauphin County Human Services Directors Office

What were the most important things you learned during the process of organizing the dialogue?: 

How hungry educators, school personnel, and nonprofits are for information that can help them to identify potential problems.

How confusing the overlap of various diagnoses and symptoms can be to parents and providers in determining appropriate treatment and intervention.

What did you identify as the key issues affecting mental health in your community and especially the mental health of your community‚Äôs young people?: 

Communication between all involved parties is key to effective treatment.  

Access to quality, consistent care in an already overburdened system. The shortage of good, child psychiatrists.  

Stigma is, unfortunately, alive and well.

What did you identify as the current strategies being used to address mental health challenges in your community? What are the challenges facing those strategies? : 

Early diagnosis and intervention are key.

The effort needs to concentrate on recovery, with appropriate medications used as a tool, not as the answer.