So many of us share a common concern that our civil discourse has been torn apart. This has negatively impacted many of us on a personal level, as we’ve experienced broken relationships, conversation avoidance, and an inability to understand the “other side”.

In response to our current climate, NICD has created a variety of discussion guides to help citizens start talking with – and listening to – each other again. We are offering guides for a variety of formats; whether you want to hold a small group kitchen table discussion, a text-based discussion, or organize a larger community effort.

Please download the free resources below, and start the dialogue.

If you need help, please contact us.

Discussion Guides

Download the discussion guide(s) that best fit the type and size of conversation you want to have:

  • One-on-One Discussion Guide: Maybe you had a personal relationship that has been impacted by our current political climate. Perhaps you don’t understand why this person could think or believe the way they do. Or maybe there’s someone in the community who holds a starkly different position on an issue than you and you’ve advocated different things in the community. Perhaps you are ready to sit down with them to get to know them better. Whatever the situation, this guide will help you work through how to go about a one-on-one conversation with that “unlikely friend.”
  • Small Group Discussion Guide: You’re interested in hosting a conversation with a few friends or family members, either at your kitchen table, in your living room, or a coffee shop. Or you want to host a larger conversation to get your community talking to and working with each other again. For these situations, this guide will walk you through how to hold a conversation in small groups. If your group is large, simply break them into groups of 4-5 people so folks can have a deeper, more engaged discussion.
  • Text, Talk, Revive Civility: You want to have a small group discussion, but you want to do it through fun and engaging text messaging platform. This option works great for middle school, high school, and college students, as well as those adults who enjoy their cell phones just as much as the younger generation.

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