7 Day Civility Challenge


Concerned about the magnitude of disrespect and incivility in this country and around the world? You are not alone.

The Initiative to Revive Civility was created to counter this widespread problem and help people understand how civil discourse can help us respectfully disagree with people who think differently that we do and truly find mutual understanding.

Change begins with each of us. A concept that was encouraged by Mahatma Gandhi. We must model what we want to see in the world.

One step is taking the 7 Day Civility Challenge. To participate, each day you will complete easy tasks designed to help you learn and practice civil discourse. Through your participation, you join a network of champions of civility and respect across this country.

To begin your challenge, you can sign up for emails which you will receive for 7 days. Each email outlines that day's activity. Alternatively, you can download the entire civility challenge and follow it at your own pace.

NICD is excited that you want to participate. We see you as a connector of respect and civility in your community. During the challenge, we want to follow your journey. To share your challenge activities

1)   Use the two hashtags #civilitychallenge #ReviveCivility

2)   Capture and post your challenge outcomes with photos and videos,

3)   Use the Civility Challenge graphic as your profile picture.