Dr. Carolyn J. ... Jun 9, 2017

Improving civility at all levels

In response to the New Hampshire Union Leader article, “Pundits: Political discourse at all-time low” (8/27/... Read more ...

Dr. Carolyn J. ... Jun 9, 2017

Civil Languages

Earlier this month, Huachuca City, Arizona Mayor Ken Taylor refused to “attend a function that is sent to [him] in Spanish/Mexican,” because he was “insulted by the division caused by language.” However, ... Read more ...

Dr. Carolyn J. ... Jun 9, 2017

Restore values and civility to end bigotry

At a time when a presidential nominee is proposing to ban Muslims from entering the country, violence against Muslims is up, and discrimination against Muslims may be even worse than it was after 9/11. This is only highlighted by the Washington Post’s editorial, “... Read more ...

Dr. Carolyn J. ... Jun 9, 2017

No Chaos in Cleveland

Yesterday I found myself preparing a statement should violence erupt outside the Republican Convention in Cleveland. Halfway through a sentence, I stopped and realized what had happened: we have become so accustomed to the incivility of this election that we expect the... Read more ...

Dr. Carolyn J. ... Jun 9, 2017

Reviving Civility

My mother taught me the power of words: to work through problems, to build relationships, and to express my opinion. She taught me to respect others when I used my words — to stand up for what I believe, but to use words to work through the conflict.

... Read more ...