Interfaith Youth Core

A Society Where Interfaith Cooperation is the Norm

Look at American democracy today and you’ll see a society trying to live up to its ideals in the face of unprecedented diversity and difference. It’s not just on the news. Difference is felt in our everyday lives. That’s especially true when it comes to religion.

Whether or not this diversity is a good thing is entirely up to us. As a community, we can make it the thread that binds us closer. Otherwise, we allow apathy and voices of intolerance to define the future.

Ask yourself what it would look like if every American, regardless of their faith or worldview, was inspired and equipped to:

  • Come together in a way that respects different religious identities?
  • Build mutually inspiring relationships across difference?
  • Engage in common action around issues of shared social concern?

That’s interfaith cooperation, and it’s the key to transforming this religiously diverse society into a more just, kind, and pluralistic nation. IFYC is working to make it the norm and not the outlier in American life.

We Work in Higher Education

IFYC partners with American colleges and universities, because campus is where educators and students engage the complex ideas that will shape our country’s future. It’s where young people learn to be citizens and leaders. It’s where issues of diversity and difference are explored intellectually and experienced personally and up-close. Campuses are environments that model the highest ideals of civil society alongside some of the most divisive conflicts that we’re grappling with as a country.

When interfaith cooperation becomes a part of the college experience, it becomes a part of the American experience.

IFYC equips students, educators, and whole institutions with the vision, knowledge, and skills to advance this on campus and far beyond.