Maine Revives Civility

Maine Revives Civility is a project of the National Institute of Civil Discourse (NICD) to bring a series of tools and resources to Maine people and communities to help them overcome the degradation of our public dialog.  

NICD has selected Maine as one of four states for an intensive yearlong effort to support people improve the way they talk and listen to each other.  To show mutual respect for each other’s perspective and to be able to “disagree without being disagreeable.” 

The effort is being led by Maine’s Co-Chairs Pam Plumb and Ryan Pelletier. 

Pam is a former Mayor of Portland and as a consultant serves a wide range of non-profit organizations, businesses and government organizations with process design, facilitation, training and organizational development. She is widely known for her process work and training in municipal governance.

Ryan is the County Administrator for Aroostook County in Northern Maine.  He has experience at the local and regional level both working for various municipalities and the Northern Maine Development Commission.  Before taking the job as County Administrator, Ryan served as the Town Manager for Madawaska.  While at the Northern Maine Development Commission he was the Director of Economic and Workforce Development.

Both Pam and Ryan bring a strong commitment to Maine’s efforts to revive civility and respect. Pam and Ryan are being supported by Mark Hews who is the State Coordinator for the Initiative. 

To get involved or receive more information contact Mark at or (207) 577-0209.