Salt Lake County, UT

Mayor Ben McAdams

Salt Lake County is a diverse community of 16 cities and 6 townships. County government serves almost 1 million residents providing public safety, health services, and cultural and recreation opportunities while also managing property, growth and development issues.


Whereas, civil discourse is the free and respectful exchange of different ideas in a way that respects and affirms all persons, even while critiquing there arguement, and

Whereas, heated rhetoric and a dramatic shift away from collaboration leaves us unable to solve the challenges confronting our community; and

Whereas, civility reduces rudeness, ridicule, and lack of respect for the open exchange of ideas; and

Whereas, civility improves our well-being, restores trust, and ecourages citizens to work together to create lasting solutions for generations to come; and

Whereas, community members should feel comfortable and respected while expressing their own views and exploring views outside their own.

Now, Therefore, I, Ben McAdams, Mayor of Salt Lake County, Utah, in recognition of the National Insitute of Civil Disource #Revive Civility initiative, do hereby proclaim the month od June 2017 as: Revive Civility Month, and urge residents of Salth Lake County to not only recognize the importance of civility and how it improves relationships and leads to higher levels of disocurse, but to also apply civility in daily interactions with others, thereby creating a fertile environent for learning and for finding solutions to the challenges we face.

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