Upper Arlington, OH





Council President Debbie Johnson


The City of Upper Arlington was incorporated in 1918 and has grown into a primarily residential community of approximately 34,000 residents covering 9.77 square miles. The City enjoys a convenient location as a first-ring suburb of Central Ohio, with easy access to downtown Columbus, the Columbus airport and major highways.

Council of the City of Upper Arlington Resolution of Appreciation

Whereas, civil discourse is the free and respectful change of different ideas in a way that respects and affirms all persons, even while critiquing their arguement; and

Whereas, heated rhetoric and a dramatic shift away from collaboration leaves us unable to solve the challenges confronting our community, and

Whereas, civility reduces rudeness, ridicule, and lack of respect for the open exchange of ideas; and

Whereas, civility improves our well-being, restores trust, and encourages citizens to participate in building a brighter future for generations to come; and

Whereas, civility assists in the process of working together to create lasting solutions to our most pressing challenges while fostering respect among opposing groups; and

Whereas, community members should feel comfortable and respected while exploring worldviews outside their own, and

Whereas, recognizing the improtance of civility and how it improves personal relationships leading to greater civil discoutse. Council, in recognition of the National Institute of Civil Discourse's #Revive Civility initiative, would like to invite all members of our great community to participate in reviving civility throughout the City of Upper Arlington;

Now, therefore it be resolved that the Members of the Council of the City of Upper Arlington, Ohio, do hereby declare May as: Revive Civility Month in this community , and encourage all our citizens to exercise civility and respect toward eachother.


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