Media Literacy Week

4th Annual US Media Literacy Week
November 5 - 9 • 2018

Media Literacy Week is designed to bring attention and visibility to media literacy education in the United States. Inspired by Canada’s Media Literacy Week now in its 13th year, the National Association for Media Literacy Education leads the efforts to coordinate media literacy week in the United States to showcase the work of amazing media literacy educators and organizations around the country. The mission of Media Literacy Week is to highlight the power of media literacy education and its essential role in education today.

How do I get involved with MLW?
Whether you are an individual teacher, an employee at an organization, or a researcher, you can get involved with Media Literacy Week. Between November 5 and 9, plan your own Media Literacy Event for your community. It’s up to you to decide what you want to organize, but if you need help planning, feel free to reach out to 

The National Institute for Civil Discourse is partnering with the National Association for Media Literacy Education for National Media Literacy Week. Media literacy and access to the media and accurate information is a crucial aspect of an democracy which relies on an informed citzenry to uphold its structure and truly be a system for the people and by the people.

Download the following documents to play the 25 Questions game: 

Media Literacy Game Instructions

Media Literacy 25 Question Game

Social Media can easily get out of hand and into the realm of incivility and untruths presented as facts. Take a look at the tips below to help you navigate social media responsibility: 

Social Media Tips