A National Call for Reflection, Prayer and Reconciliation

Our Deeply Divided Nation

The incivility and bitterness of our current politics exacerbates the deep divisions in our country that have been growing for some time. As a result, we find our nation deeply and painfully divided.

A Time for Reflection, Prayer and Reconciliation

Now is the time to step away from partisanship and think anew about how we can go forward together. This year there is an opportunity for change as Americans are hungry for a new tone of respect to emerge and for elected leaders at the federal, state, and local levels to carry out their duties to govern across divides towards solutions. The National Institute for Civil Discourse our diverse faith partners urge people of faith from all different points of view to take the action during this time to help our country step back from the incivility that now dominates our politics and move in a different direction. People of faith can provide the moral leadership we need to help change the tone of our politics and bridge the divisions that are pulling our country apart.

A Call to Action for Congregations and Individuals

Join NICD, our faith partners, and other supportive religious groups in engaging congregations and individual members across the country to do three things: 

  1. Reflect on the divisions in the country and how we treat those who have different political views
  2. Pray for the forgiveness, humility and wisdom we need to heal our divisions
  3. Reach out to other people of faith who have different political views and explore ways to work together

What you can do