Personalized Organizing Guide


We are pleased that you want to participate in the National Dialogue for Mental Health through the Creating Community Solutions program. The following information will help you get started organizing a dialogue on mental health in your community.  After you’ve read through this material, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions. 

Community conversations can be a powerful way to engage many different types of people to build connections, explore ideas and take action around an issue. Some people are already working to address mental health issues in their community, but we need more people to get involved to strengthen their efforts.

After the community conversations, participants will decide what kinds of actions to take, which might include:

  • Taking steps to develop new relationships and new ways to work with people,
  • Sharing information and partnering with groups working on similar community issues,
  • Strengthening practices and policies in a community organization, or other group you are a part of to be supportive of mental health, and
  • Being part of an action team to work on ideas and priorities identified by the community.

After you have your conversations and brainstorm action ideas, you can add your voice to the national dialogue by sharing your results at  You will also be able to see results from groups around the country who are having this important conversation, which will make it possible for local groups to learn from each other.

Now, here are suggestions based on your answers to the organizing questions.