Suggested Actions for Campus Groups

On your college campus:

  • Gather a few representatives of the College Democrats and College Republicans (or any other two groups that have different political views) for a small group dialogue.  Have this conversation as a full group or break into small groups.  Use the small group discussion guide to help structure a conversation.
  • Have a conversation where smart phones guide you by using the Text, Talk, Revive Civility platform.    Click here for more information on Text, Talk, Revive Civility
  • Have members of different campus faith organizations come together to talk and pray about what they can do to promote civility and respect on campus.  Some online sites that have suggestions for faith groups are:
  • Organize a public program where a liberal and conservative professor engage in dialogue about the importance of civility in public discourse.  Use the three questions found in the small group discussion guide to structure the conversation.
  • Encourage students to sit down for one on one conversation with someone who has different political views. This can be students who are officers in organizations that have different political perspectives or just two students who know from previous contact with each other that they disagree on many issues.  Use the one on one discussion guide to structure a conversation around the three questions.



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