Suggested Activities for Friends, Family and Online

Below are some suggestions of things you can do to participate in "Setting the Table for Civility"  starting with Thanksgiving and throughout the Holiday Season. 

In your family/with friends:

  • Sit down with members of your family or friends for a discussion about what you are thankful for about living in America and where our country is in terms of civility.  Use our Setting the Table for Civility Resources to assist you in exploring these “Three Questions
  • Play our civility holiday card game to explore questions and have some fun together as you gather over the holidays.
  • Express civility online during Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season--i.e. email exchanges with friends or family with different views, etc.
  • Offer a prayer at Thanksgiving dinner or other holiday meals that expresses thanks for our country and a hope that we can increase the amount of civility and respect between citizens.
  • Watch the short video "Unlikely Friendships"  with others in your family/friends and talk about how you might cultivate such relationships in your lives. Our friends at LivingRoom Conversations also have examples of people talking across differences.
  • Invite each member of your family to sign the personal pledge to promote civility.
  • Take turns watching the news on Fox and then MSNBC and talk about the similarities and differences on the two networks

Online and On Social Media:

  • Ask your online community to join you in expressing civility and joining you in setting the table for civility during Thanksgiving and the holiday season--i.e. email exchanges with friends or family with different views, etc.
  • Share these tips for “Fostering Civility on Social Media
  • Sharing the experience on social media can help spread civility too, for example snap a selfie and/or a picture of your coffee date and share it on social media using #revivecivility.
  • Use the Revive Civility logo as your Facebook page image or photo over the holidays.
  • Ask a blogger or online reporter to do a story on "Setting the Table for Civility", if you are comfortable consider having them join a conversation you are hosting that fosters building relationships across differences. 

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