Take the Revive Civility Pledge

Are you tired of the personal attacks, hateful rhetoric and polarization that too often dominate our political discussions?  If so, you are like most Americans, but you also probably don't know what to do about it.  Almost everyone agrees that the 2016 political campaign elevated incivility to new and disturbing levels, and, if we don't take specific steps to counter that trend,  the upcoming 2018 campaign will be as bad or worse.

The National Institute for Civil Discourse (NICD) believes that there is something we can do.  If enough people decide to listen to each other, to talk and act differently, then we will get different results.  For this reason, NICD has launched the Initiative to Revive Civility and invites you to be part of it.  In order to join the Initiative, NICD asks you to affirm your intention to practice civility in your own life and also take specific steps to engage people of diverse political views in respectful conversations.   Those who join the initiative will receive support for their efforts from NICD that includes information and suggestions about simple ways to promote civility and respect. 

If you want to join the initiative and help in your community then sign the pledge below. You will be added to the list of those who want to work for civility  and receive occasional updates and information about what you can do to make a difference.

The Pledge

To help revive civility and respect in my community, I will make a conscious effort to:

  1. Seek out a variety of reliable news sources with different perspectives in order to learn more about the forces that divide - and also unite - our country.
  2. Listen respectfully to people who have views different than my own, be mindful to avoid stereotyping and not use language that is insulting or derogatory.
  3. Encourage and support efforts to bring people of different points of view together in our community to have civil and respectful conversations
  4. Invite other people to join me in the Initiative to Revive Civility and get involved in helping to connect people across political divisions.

I Agree