<div class="field-item even">Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans Live Sunday Night NFL Football Time, TV channel, score, schedule, and game preview with the latest news. The Dallas Cowboys are a run-oriented team, but they don't seem to giving running back Ezekiel Elliott the football as often as they have in the past. The Cowboys may feature Elliott more often when they face the Houston Texans on Sunday Night Football at 5:20 p.m. PT/8:20 p.m. ET on KGW-8, NBC or try FuboTV (free trial). Dallas will challenge Houston on the road at 8:20 p.m. on Sunday. The two teams each escaped (but just barely !) with wins against their previous opponents. Dallas had a rough outing against Seattle two weeks ago, but a little bit of home cooking seems to have fixed things right up. Last Sunday, Dallas narrowly escaped with a win as the team sidled past Detroit 26-24. Ezekiel Elliott, who picked up 152 yards on the ground and caught passes for 88 yards, was a major factor in Dallas's success. Dark Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys faces the Houston Texans in Texas on Sunday in a rare cross-state NFL match up. Sunday night’s all-Texas NFL match up has plenty on the line. The loser will be in a hole for 2018 that may be hard to climb out of. It’s the Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans 2018 in Houston, a battle between two teams struggling so far this season. The Cowboys are 2-2 and ranked No. 24 in the AP’s Pro32 power rankings. The Texans are 1-3 and ranked No. 26. The Cowboys are struggling on offense, while the Texans are struggling on defense, which should make an interesting matchup for this rare cross-state NFL regular season battle.</div>